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Introducing MTCAT-1.5: MAXPRO’s New Coning & Threading Machine

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Because they are dependable, reusable and safe, coned and threaded connections are the industry standard for medium-, high-, and ultra-high-pressure systems. That’s why MAXPRO® Technologies is pleased to introduce the MTCAT-1.5, the only coning and threading machine available capable of handling up to 1-1/2 inch OD medium-pressure tubing.

Advantages of Coned and Threaded Connections for Your Application:

Maxpro Coning & Threading Machine

  • Dependable. If the user starts with high quality components and tooling from Maxpro Technologies, follows prescribed instructions for tube preparation, lubrication requirements and torque specifications, this metal-to-metal joint is recognized as a world standard for dependability.
  • Reusable. The coned and threaded connection utilizes a gland nut to grip a collar threaded onto the tubing. This arrangement creates an intentional high stress, metal-to-metal contact ring, employing slightly differing contact angles to affect the seal. Following proper assembly procedures, this seal can be remade many times without compromising the effectiveness.
  • Safe. The design of this type of seal minimizes the internal pressure loaded area to allow efficient use of materials, while assuring a suitable factor of safety. If a leak should occur, weep holes are provided to allow venting of the fitting to avoid unsafe pressure loading conditions.

Industries that commonly benefit from coned and threaded connections include food processing, oil and gas, pressure testing, and waterjet cutting to name a few.

MAXPRO’s MTCAT-1.5 and MTCAT Features:

While coned and threaded connections are dependable, reusable, and safe, the coning and threading process can carry high labor costs. Manual coning and threading operators must be carefully trained in how to prepare and process the tube ends. MAXPRO coning and threading machines make it much easier and cost-efficient to cone and thread high-strength tubing. The original MTCAT and new MTCAT-1.5 Coning & Threading Machines integrate the following features:


MAXPRO ‘s MTCAT and MTCAT-1.5 both offer a semi-automated design engineered for speed. They offer faster set-up and operation for better efficiency. The tube only needs to be fixtured once for both coning and threading operations, which eliminates extra set-up and downtime between the two processes. The die head automatically resets after threading, allowing for easy unloading and preparing for the next tube.

Ease of Use

Both the MTCAT and MTCAT-1.5 are designed for intuitive use. After completing either a brief training program or reviewing the comprehensive instruction manual provided with all machines, operators can produce quality components. One of the main control mechanisms of the MTCAT-1.5 and MTCAT is a simple selector knob that allows the operator to choose thread length automatically depending on the size of the tube.


The MTCAT-1.5 and MTCAT are both available in right-hand and left-hand thread variations. Customers can choose whichever design suits their needs. MTCAT can cone and thread ¼” through 1” OD tubing and MTCAT-1.5 can cone and thread ¼” through 1-½” OD tubing

Tool Quality

Hardened blades made of high-quality, durable tool steel deliver precise results with a clean surface finish typically lasting over hundreds of tubes.


The MTCAT-1.5 and MTCAT Coning and Threading Machines are fully enclosed with Plexiglass shields and other suitable machine guarding. This design minimizes pinch points and protects operators from metal chips and cutting oil.

Mess Free

Both MATCAT-1.5 and MTCAT Coning and Threading Machines provide excellent cutting oil delivery right through the rotating spindles accurately to the cutting blade area. No external gooseneck nozzles to mess with! They also provide for a two-fold filtering process for clean and easy removal of the strained chips with a convenient handle. A suction strainer further removes chips before pumping oil back to cutting action.

Contact MAXPRO for Your Coning and Threading Machine Needs Today

Looking for quality coning and threading machines? MAXPRO is here to help! We’ve designed and manufactured equipment and fittings for high-pressure applications for over 25 years. MTCAT-1.5 is the newest addition to our catalog of the industry’s best tools for coning and threading. Whether you need speed, ease of use, versatility, tool quality, safety, or mess-free operation, this machine has got it all. For additional information on MTCAT-1.5, download our eBook or contact us today.

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How to Repair & Lubricate Spool Valves Used On L Series Liquid Pumps, DLE Series Gas Boosters, DLA & GPLV2 Air Amplifiers

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Maximator® dry air spools (DAS) can be used for liquid pumps, gas boosters, and air amplifiers. They are suitable for dry air, nitrogen, and other severe operating conditions (e.g., air dew point below 0° F and ambient temperature below 0° F). The following article covers how to repair and lubricate the spool valve.

Tools Needed:

  • Spool tool remover – Sold by Maxpro
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Pliers
  • Repair kit- Includes O-rings and a snap ring
  • Grease – We recommend Kluber Lube, Polylub GA 352 P High Temperature Grease. This grease has good long term adhesion and water resistance.

Overview of the Spool Valve Repair & Lubrication Process

  1. Loosen four cap screws that hold the spool housing to the end cap to release any air trapped in the spool valve.
  2. Remove the snap ring from the spool valve housing.
  3. With a long screw driver or wooden dowel, from the ½” FNPT side of the housing, push out the spool plug and spool from the housing.
  4. Clean the spool and bore of the housing sleeve. Check the O-rings for wear and the spool sleeve for scratches. Replace if necessary.
  5. Put a light coat of grease on the O-rings and in the bore of the spool sleeve.
  6. Insert the spool into the spool sleeve, small side first, gently moving the spool from side to side with very little pressure on the end of the spool. DO NOT FORCE. The O-rings fit loosely on the spool and can be cut if they are forced in.
  7. Install the spool plug and snap ring, then tighten the four cap screws that hold the housing to the end cap.

Spool Valve Installation and Repair Services at MAXPRO

At MAXPRO Technologies, we stand behind our line of quality high-pressure products with after-the-sale support. Our after-the-sale services include testing, evaluation, inspection, cleaning, and repair by factory trained technicians.

Need assistance repairing or rebuilding your dry air spool? Contact us today. We provide quick and quality solutions at a competitive price. To learn more about our in-house and field repair services, contact us today. For pricing details, request a quote.