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Custom and Standard High Pressure Systems

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The engineering and development team at MAXPRO® Technologies Inc. is experienced in creating high-pressure custom and standard pressure systems with applications ranging from burst testing to hydrotesting and beyond. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and make recommendations so that we can design high-pressure custom systems to your exact needs with quality Maximator® GmbH pressure components. Browse our selection of standard and custom solutions to learn more about the potential capabilities of your next high-pressure system.

Air Amplifier Systems

Maximator® brand air amplifiers provide cost-effective air amplification to boost air pressure within industrial plants and job shops as well as specific machinery. Inlet air powers these systems rather than electricity, offering added energy efficiency without requiring you to swap out your current air compressor system. Specific models include:

  • Model #AS-GPLV5-20GV-R. This unit can provide air pressure of up to 600 psi. It’s plumbed and mounted on a 20-gallon tank rated for 600 psi per ASME standards. The basic package can provide 5:1 air amplification, with an actual ratio of 6:1.
  • Model #AS-MPLV2-1G. This model offers a 2:1 air amplification point-of-use boost and is well-suited to low-flow applications.
  • Model #AS-DLA5-4G-R-CAB. MAXPRO systems set the standard for quiet operation, but this model takes it to the next level by utilizing acoustical foam-lined enclosures to insulate the unit and lessen noise pollution.
  • Model #AS-DLA15-1-5G-R-PS. This model provides amplified air using shop air supply, with an available test pressure of up to 1500 psi, all within a compact system. You can tailor these models to the pressure needs of your application.

Gas Booster Systems

Hydrogen gas pressure intensification is an increasingly popular solution for high-pressure systems. As part of our commitment to innovation, MAXPRO offers engineered-to-order gas booster systems in addition to standard varieties. Our product line includes:

  • Model #MTIG2-5-1L-15-30-REC36-2R. Connecting multiple boosters together enables this model to increase air pressure from 80 to 2500 psi. The pressurized air moves from the gas receiver in which it’s stored through multiple outlet regulators, enabling systems of this model to provide air with varying outlet pressures.
  • Model #MTTB3.5-30-2-ER5000. This model offers multiple testing capabilities, with a burst test and a bubble leak test system. The latter pressurizes a test piece with nitrogen at pressures as high as 3500 psi prior to flooding the chamber.
  • Model #MTIG3.5-30-2. This unique system allows for easy hydraulic line gas testing at pressures of up to 3500 psi. The system comes on casters for optimal mobility and space in the rear for nitrogen bottle storage.

Liquid Pumping Systems

MAXPRO’s standard and custom liquid pumping systems are the solution for any facility that needs higher hydraulic pressure utilizing shop air alone. With our selection of Maximator® products, you can achieve pressures of 60 psi up to 101000 psi in models with various configurations.

  • EconoCube Hydrostatic Test Unit. With a simple-to-use air control package, this unit incorporates an inlet high-capacity water filter, a 2.5-inch glycerin-filled pressure gauge, vent valves, and outlet isolation. Its stainless steel construction enables pure water service on a highly pressurized circuit.
  • PowerCube Hydrostatic Test Unit. Get up to 30000 psi with this portable, lightweight unit. At 115 pounds, it includes both water and air filtration with high-flow outlet plumbing in stainless steel.
  • Model #MTPS3-O-PP37HL-20GSS-RV-5OUT-3REGACC. This unit stores oil in its onboard bladder accumulator at a maximum of 3000 psi and then sends it through outlets at varying pressures simultaneously with its three high-pressure, regulator-controlled circuits.
  • Model #MTTB1-W-N-M-PP8. This manually controlled liquid pump model with a sizable containment chamber attached simplifies non-burst hydrostatic testing by eliminating the risk of test fluid leaks.
  • Model #MTPS03-O-L25D-30G-RD-CYCLE. Using an L25D air-driven, double-acting pump, this unit is versatile, with both PLC control and a manual override option. 
  • Model #MTTC-03-W-L25D-8G-RD-CYCLE. This high-flow unit has an L25D double-head pump to deliver outlet flow on every stroke.
  • Model #MTTB05-W-N-R-GX60-N-N-HD. Our Maximator® GX60 air-driven liquid pump is applicable for polyethylene piping up to 8 inches for static and burst testing. It can generate pressure as high as 5000 psi.
  • Model #MTPS05-W-L60-N-DD-MTPL. With designated applications in burst testing samples, this model uses a diaphragm pump that’s air-driven, drawing water from a reservoir to effectively purge and fill the burst testing samples.
  • Model #MTPS05-W-L35-2-N-RD-PFC/MTTB482424SS-75G. When you need full manual control and the ability to reach 5000 psi in test pressure, this unit is the right choice. It has an L35-2 air-driven liquid pump for high performance and uses a vertical pump skid frame to simplify operations.

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