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Videos demonstrate the capabilities of equipment, showcasing the possibilities of how high pressure test equipment systems, data loggers, and coning and threading machines can simplify and and enhance your business requirements.

Custom Booster Systems

How can a custom booster system using Maximator power components help meet your requirements? Watch a video or two to see some examples! Want to know how to rebuild a spool valve? We can help with that as well.

Coning and Threading Machine U.S. Patent 9,015,915

The Maxpro Technologies Coning and Threading machine provides state of the art speed and precision for coning and threading stainless steel high pressure tubing.  Tubing sizes range from 1/4" to 1".

10,000 PSI Vertical Test Bench

Pressurize a Large Autoclave with Gas Boosters

Data Logger Video

Pressure Loggers (Data Loggers) from Maxpro Technologies are available 0-500 PSI to 0-60,000 PSI. They are able to record temperatures and dual pressures as options.  Data can be transferred directly to the computer by ethernet connection or via a USB stick.

Portable Gas Booster System

Rebuilding a Dry Air Spool Valve

Gas Booster System for Harsh Environment

Test Bench for High Pressure Hose

Demonstration of a test bench for high pressure hose, or other items that require testing, testing at three differerent pressures, 10,000 psi, 16,000 psi and 65,000 psi.

Shipping the Test Bench for High Pressure Hose

Maxpro Technologies recently shipped a hose test system to the farthest reaches of North America! With team effort the large box was loaded on the flatbed truck for its journey! No job is too big or small for Maxpro!

Cycle Testing Cart Demonstration

This cycle test cart is set up with a PLC board to control and count the cycles and pressures during testing. This air operated Maxpro system was designed to test air conditioning coils, but can be modified for any pressure testing needs.

High Pressure Test Bench Demonstration

This test bench operates with 100 PSI air and water inlets, up to a test pressure of 60,000 psi. Used for burst test recording, the unit has four Maximator pumps and a PLC board that are controlled by an electronic pressure regulator.

Changing the Die Head on the Coning and Threading Machine

This video gives you directions on removing the die head on the coning and threading machine so that routine maintenance on the die head can be done.

Changing tooling on the Coning and Threading Machine

This video instructs users how to change the die chasers on the Maxpro Coning and Threading machine. Die chasers can be replaced when worn, or if you want to run a different size tubing.

Coning and Threading of High Pressure Tubing

Manually coning and threading high pressure tubing can be done with the Maxpro Coning and Threading tool kit. Kits are available for all sizes in medium pressure, high pressure, or a complete tool kit has both. You can also get the kit with just the one or two sizes of tooling that you use.

Maximator Spool Valve Repair

This video shows you how to replace the O-Rings on a Maximator Spool Valve, a very common repair. There is a kit available with all of the parts needed to rebuild a spool valve. Kits are available for all models of Maxpro Maximator units - Spool kit - Air Drive Kit - Gas Section kit - and Check Valve kit. Contact us if you need a parts breakdown!

Coning and Threading Tools from Maxpro Technologies

Check here for instructions on how to use the tools in the coning and threading tool kit. There is a video of these tools in action above.

Change Air Pilot Switch from Normally Closed to Normally Open

Maximator air pilot pressure switches are generally ordered as normally opened or normally closed. These instructions show you how to change the switch from normally closed to normally opened.

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