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A quality turnkey Air Amplifier System from MAXPRO TECHNOLOGIES incorporates quality MAXIMATOR components with MAXPRO’s attention to detail and attentive customer service. The result is dependable service from a long-lasting system. MAXPRO Air Amplifier Systems provide critical support within a wide variety of industrial applications. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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What is an Air Amplifier System?

MAXPRO Air Amplifier Systems, also known as Air Booster Systems or Air Pressure Boosters, are pneumatically driven devices that use shop air to provide the motive power for increasing air pressure. This happens at the “expense” of using some of the incoming air volume as the energy to drive the amplifier. That drive air is then exhausted. Air pressure boosters use a fixed ratio of inlet to outlet piston areas to achieve increased pressures. Employing a four-way spool valve enables reciprocating motion until an outlet pressure is satisfied.

How Does an Air Amplifier System Work?

A MAXPRO Air Amplifier System uses incoming compressed air to provide both the power to operate the unit and provides the air “to be amplified”. Amplification is accomplished by either using a larger air piston pushing a smaller piston and thus achieving a higher pressure (on DLA Series) or, by using two fixed area pistons pushing one piston of the same area (on PLV Series). Air boosters are not suitable for use with other gases. Reciprocation is achieved by using a tappet valve at the end of each stroke. This provides an air shift signal to a four-way spool valve. The spool valve relays drive air to alternate sides of the drive piston(s). The drive air is exhausted, and the amplified air is delivered to the outlet port.

Air Amplifier System Components

A MAXPRO Air Amplifier System includes the following components:

  • Safety relief valve
  • Inlet air filter
  • Outlet pressure regulator (with gauge)
  • Drain valve
  • Air storage tank

If you need to boost plant air pressure to operate tools, pneumatic clamps, or cylinders, a MAXPRO Air Amplifier System is an ideal turnkey addition to your workstation.  Our systems provide either short-term high pressure or constant pressure air with reserve at a constant regulated output pressure.  Our storage tanks are ASME Code stamped and most have a Canadian Registration number (CRN).  The tanks come complete with a safety relief valve, drain valve, and pressure gauge.

Our standard 200 and 250 psi systems are equipped with an inlet air filter and outlet pressure regulator and gauge mounted on a common base.  The 600 psi systems are equipped with an inlet air filter and inlet air pressure regulator and gauge.   A 500 psi outlet regulator and gauge is available as an option.

We can also customize high-pressure dual tank systems, multiple outlet systems for complex workstations, tank systems up to 200 gallons in size, dual amplifier systems, environmentally sealed systems, and units that can generate bursts of constant output of air from 30 to 4,350 psi.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

System Applications

Air booster systems are most useful at workstations where elevated air pressure is required.

MAXPRO Air Amplifier Systems also save money!  Making compressed air takes a lot of energy and is costly.  A quality air amplifier system from MAXPRO is an economical option for boosting shop air without purchasing a new high-pressure air compressor.

Maxpro Resource: Air Amplifiers & How They Work

Where can I use an air amplifier system from MAXPRO?

  • Pneumatic chucks
  • Machining center tool carousels
  • Hot runner molding presses
  • Injection mold thin wall part ejection
  • Small part blow molding
  • Air driven tools (grinders, impact wrenches, power screw drivers, nail guns, staplers, etc.)
  • Clamps
  • Vises
  • Foundry molding benches and presses
  • Stamping press counterbalance cylinders
  • Beverage can tooling / clamping
  • Wire fabrication machine clamping
  • Air amplifiers are also used in metal fabrication shops on plasma cutters to keep the immediate cutting area clear of slag.

Note: 2:1 air amplifier systems are most commonly used in these applications.

Air boosters are also used for leak and cycle testing in tank manufacturing, AC coil manufacturing, and tubing manufacturing. Leak and pressure testing will probably require 5:1, 15:1, or 30:1 amplifiers.

How Can My Operation Benefit From MAXPRO’s Turnkey Solution?

At MAXPRO, we build quality standard and custom-designed air amplifier systems that can save you money. Only shop air is needed for operation and electricity is not required so installation is easy.

Air Amplifier Systems From MAXPRO Technologies

Please contact us today to put our 25+ years of high-pressure experience to work for you.