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  1. What is a Hydraulic Intensifier?
  2. What’s New?
  3. Can You Benefit from an Intensifier?
  4. Engineered Solutions

Maxpro Technologies Hydraulic Intensifiers

What is a Hydraulic Intensifier?

A hydraulic intensifier system is quite simple in principle, the system uses hydraulic power to increase the pressure of a liquid or gas. Pressure multiplication occurs because of the dissimilar areas between the hydraulic piston and the process media piston. The ratio of the area between the hydraulic piston and process media piston is known as the pressure ratio.

(Ex: a 10in³ hydraulic piston pushing a 5in³ process media piston had a ratio of 1:2). A ratio of 1:2 can multiply the process media pressure by two times the hydraulic pressure.

Single Stage Intensifier

With a single stage intensifier both the left and right sides have the same ratio resulting in one pressure discharge from the intensifier for every stroke as shown in the picture.

Single Stage Intensifier


Two Stage Intensifier

With a two-stage intensifier the left and right sides have different pressure ratios, this is also known as a multiple ratio intensifier. Multiple ratio intensifiers allow for a larger pressure multiplication than with a single stage. This style of intensifier only produces a pressure discharge every other stroke as shown in the picture.

Two Stage Intensifier

What’s New?

Maxpro Technologies has recently designed a new generation of intensifiers to seamlessly integrate with modern and advancing technologies. Our intensifiers now have the option of using electronics and integration to bridge the gap of the mechanical and digital world.

With our latest generation of intensifiers, we are now able to have real time monitoring and feedback of all machine parameters right at your fingertips. For example, the machine is constantly analyzing inlet pressure, outlet pressure, hydraulic flow rate and temperature, coolant flow rates and so much more.

You might wonder why it is so important to continuously analyze all this data, after all our previous generation did not do this. The reason is simple, More Control – More Efficient – Endless Possibilities.

Maxpro Technologies Hydraulic Intensifiers

More Control

Our automated intensifiers with process monitoring have user programmable recipes to keep your process on point. Minimum and maximum process media pressures can be defined along with specific flow rates to dial in your process like never before.

More Efficient

In today’s world manufacturing is about being lean. Companies are constantly striving to increase productivity while simultaneously decreasing process waste. In the case of our intensifier, we were able to significantly reduce electrical waste. Running motors can be expensive especially under high load. Our control and monitoring system gives you on demand power when you need it and idles without load or powers down when not in use.

Endless Possibilities

No one knows your process better than you; this is why our system is programmed to be flexible. Recipes allow the user to have different process setups saved in the controller, all of which are continuously monitored to keep everything running safely.

In modern times people are accustomed to being connected to their devices. Our latest intensifier is set up to be no different. Our controls system can remotely interface where an internet connection is available as well as receive email notifications of critical machine events. An auxiliary plug prewired to be integrated with other pieces of equipment is also included.

Can You Benefit from an Intensifier?

Hydraulic Intensifiers can be used any time the available liquids or gases are at pressures lower than what is required by the process. Intensifiers will take low pressure liquid or gas and boost them to a specific pressure and flow rate depending on the intensifier configuration and horsepower. Some common pumping media and applications are as follows.

Common liquids

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Water
  • Oil

Common Gasses

  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Hydrogen
  • Dry Air
  • Helium
  • Argon

Industry Applications

  • Gas Foaming of Polystyrene
  • Gas Cylinder Filling
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction & Cleaning
  • Gas Assisted Injection Molding
  • Gas Supply to Sintering Furnace
  • Burst Testing
  • Gas Tube Trailer & Cylinder Scavenging
  • Gas Vapor Reclaim from Cryogenic Storage
  • Supply Gas to Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
  • Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) of powdered metals and ceramics
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing

Engineered Solutions

Maxpro Technologies offers three system levels;  manual, control and monitoring, and also control and monitoring with tubing.


Manual systems are the simplest form of the hydraulic intensifier. These systems consist of the intensifier, hydraulic power unit and a motor starter with on/off control. This style of system must either be manually operated or integrated into other equipment due to the absence of process feedback. This is a great style of system for someone who wants to do all their own integration and controls or wants a budget system to operate manually.

Manual Instensifier

Control and Monitoring

The control and monitoring system is a plug and play system recently designed to fill a rapidly increasing market demand. This style of Intensifier is a closed loop system meaning it constantly watches your upstream and downstream processes and makes decisions on how to operate based on that data. The advantage of this style of system is that it takes all the guess work out. The integrated recipe page allows you to set up custom process parameters that the system can safely operate within.

Control and Monitoring Intensifier.png

Control and Monitoring with Tubing

Systems that incorporate the addition of external plumbing are turnkey systems. These systems not only control the intensifier as described in the control and monitoring system, but they also control any upstream and downstream plumbing as specified by the customer. At Maxpro, our engineers and designers are dedicated to designing custom systems to your specifications.

Control and Monitoring with Tubing

Maxpro Technologies also has traveling technicians to complete your system install.

If you are completing your own install, check out our patented Coning and Threading Machine to greatly cut down on install time. The Coning and Threading Machine can be purchased or rented.

For more information regarding our line of Hydraulic intensifiers or other quality products from Maxpro Technologies, please contact sales at or speak with one of our engineers (814-474-9191).