High Pressure Food Processing

MAXPRO® Technologies Inc. helps the maintenance departments of the high-pressure food industry keep their equipment and production lines functional and operational.  High pressure food processing equipment utilizes water to bulk treat prepackaged food to pressures of 87,000 psi. Once pressure is achieved, the HPP unit holds that pressure for the required time and then releases it. The product is then drained, the vessel opened then the next batch is ready to be treated.  With HPP, there are none of the drawbacks of using preservatives or heat pasteurization. The product appeals to consumers and producers alike as it provides a better tasting, more natural product with a greatly improved shelf life.

How does Maxpro help?

We provide the 87,000 psi fittings and HP160 stainless steel tubing used to reliably achieve the required performance cycles. Our high-pressure fittings and tubing are rated to 101,000 psi, well over the required 87,000 psi. Our large in stock inventory means fast shipping and more running time for your facility. Maintenance on these HPP units (such as those units manufactured by Hiperbaric, Inc. and Avure) is crucial.  A machine with a blown tube means time and money wasted in downtime.

The MAXPRO® Coning and Threading machine is a critical maintenance tool for this industry. High pressures require coned and threaded connections.  The MAXPRO® patented coning and threading machine uses single ended operation and simple set up to speed up this process. Tubes of any length can rupture so your maintenance team must be prepared to replace tubes from 4” to over 72” at any time. The coning and threading machine keeps our customers up and running!

Look at the video below to see how FAST our machine can get you up and running, then request more information and your quote here!

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High Pressure Food Processing Distributors

HPP Advisors
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Phone: 269-462-9730
E-Mail: paige@hppadvisors.com.

Coning and Threading Machine

Coning and Threading Machine U.S. Patent 9,015,915

The Maxpro Technologies Coning and Threading machine provides state of the art speed and precision for coning and threading stainless steel high pressure tubing.  Tubing sizes range from 1/4″ to 1″.