Coning & Threading of High-Pressure Tubing

In medium- and high-pressure systems, coned and threaded tubing connections ensure safety and reliability. Tools Required Bottle of cutting oil Collet Collet wrench Coning blades (and spare) Coning tool Deburring tool Threading tool  Tube holder  Optional Complete Coning and Threading Kit includes everything you need! How to Change the Coning Blades in the Coning Tool […]

Main Types of High Pressure Valves & When to Use Them

High pressure valves are used to regulate the flow of liquids, gases and other media through tubing, pipes, tanks, and other containers. There are several valve types to choose from, including some that provide on/off control.  The type of high pressure valve you choose depends on the specific requirements of your application. Here, we will […]

MTCAT-1.5 Coning and Threading Machine

Because they are dependable, reusable and safe, coned and threaded connections are the industry standard for medium-, high-, and ultra-high-pressure systems. That’s why MAXPRO® Technologies is pleased to introduce the MTCAT-1.5, the only coning and threading machine available capable of handling up to 1-1/2 inch OD medium-pressure tubing. Advantages of Coned and Threaded Connections for […]

How to Repair Spool Valves

Maximator® dry air spools (DAS) can be used for liquid pumps, gas boosters, and air amplifiers. They are suitable for dry air, nitrogen, and other severe operating conditions (e.g., air dew point below 0° F and ambient temperature below 0° F). The following article covers how to repair and lubricate the spool valve. Tools Needed: […]

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High-Pressure Valves, Fittings, & Tubing

MAXPRO® offers quality Maximator® valves, fittings and tubing, delivering lasting performance under even the most extreme operating conditions. Our engineers leverage more than 325 years of combined experience to match customers with competitively priced components that meet their application’s exact requirements. MAXPRO’s offerings include high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing with pressure ratings ranging from medium […]

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High Pressure Relief Valves

Product Spotlight: Maxpro’s High Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure relief valves are intended to protect system components from over pressurization. The pressure relief valve is often set at 10% over maximum system operating pressure to allow the system to operate up to the maximum working pressure rating. The maximum allowable working pressure for the system is based on the lowest rated system component. […]


Choosing the Right High Pressure Valve

MAXIMATOR high pressure valves are designed to safely operate at pressures of 15,500 psi for a 1-½” medium pressure valve up to 101,000 psi for an Ultra-High Pressure Valve. High pressure valves are used to regulate flow in various fluid handling operations across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, military, and mining industries. […]


Air Amplifiers

Industrial Air Amplifier Design Factors

Air amplifiers are industrial equipment designed to increase air pressure to improve pneumatic tool operation.  When centralized air pressure systems are insufficient to power air-driven tools, air amplifiers can fill localized demand. Depending on the type of unit, air amplifiers have various pressure and flow capabilities, ranging anywhere from 30 to 4,350 PSI. Because there […]


Setting up a Pressure Test Cube

Setting Up a Pressure Test Cube Video Available! Setting Up a Pressure Test Cube Learn to assemble a high pressure coned and threaded connection using a MAXPRO® Power Cube, Data Logger and custom-made coned and threaded tubing nipple made from in-stock tubing. To see more of our videos, click here.


Coning and Threading Video in Chinese

Our Coning & Threading Video is now available in Chinese & Japanese! The video is also available in Arabic, French, German and Spanish! Please check them out below or click here for more of our videos! Coning and Threading Machine Video in (Arabic) Coning and Threading Machine Video in (Chinese) Coning and Threading Machine Video […]