Pressure Testing Industries

The Maxpro Technologies Pressure Data Logger is beneficial any time pressure test records must be created and maintained. The Logger produces the historical data and test reports electronically, eliminating the need for storing paper charts typically used with chart recorders. The electronic data can then be stored in a test result database on a computer, a thumb drive or with printouts as may be required.

Some industrial applications where pressure test records are required:

Oil and Gas industry Hydrostatic test records for both wellhead piping and valves allow traceability for recertification of the wellhead equipment. Testing is usually based on API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications. Another petroleum industry application would be for recording test data during testing of blowout preventers (BOPs).

Pressure vessel and valve manufacturers pressure test to document that they successfully achieved a given pressure rating. Vessels, valves, tubing and pipe must be hydrostatically tested at the rated pressure plus a safety factor, often called out in ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) specifications.

Pressure decay is a traditional method of testing and monitoring pressure within a component (like a vessel or a valve) to determine if it is holding pressure. If the test object is not holding pressure, the pressure logger is able to record the rate of pressure drop. If the drop in pressure in the component is too great, the operator can mark the test printout with the stamp “Fail,” as well as “Pass” if the pressure decay test is successful.

Power plant valves and piping must be production hydrostatic tested by the manufacturer before putting the plant into use. This process is called “commissioning” the plant. Once installed, this equipment must be periodically field tested by plant maintenance engineers and techs. In both cases pressure test records are required as specified under ASME “boiler codes”.

Chemical, Pulp and Paper Plant pressure vessels, valves and piping used in equipment require pressure test records both at the manufacturing stage and during subsequent maintenance operations.

Some additional industries that require stringent pressure testing and record keeping are:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Defense contractors who build pressure related equipment
  • • Pressure gauge calibration service companies

In all of these cases, the Maxpro Pressure Data Logger, as well as our standard and custom designed hydrostatic test systems makes these recording requirements easy and efficient. Data is recorded, trend lines are visible during the test, and can be included on the saved information. Pressure Loggers are available to record testing pressures for single or multiple pressures to 60,000 psi and customized recording options are available. Watch our pressure recording videos here and let us know how we can help you with your pressure testing needs.

 Pressure Logger Cut
 Pressure Logger Cut
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