Coning & Threading Machines

Coning & Threading Machine & ToolsSince 2011, MAXPRO® has been building patented, state-of-the art coning and threading machines for seamless, cold drawn, austenitic stainless steel tubing.  In early 2021, we introduced our newest coning and threading machine capable of handling 1-½” medium pressure tubing.  Model #MTCAT-1.5  Coning & Threading Machine is the first in the industry to offer coning and threading of 1-½” medium-pressure tubing.

MTCAT & MTCAT-1.5 Features

Model #MTCAT and MTCAT-1.5 coning and threading machines are both easy to operate and consistently produce high-quality results. The new MTCAT-1.5 brings these same benefits to the coning and threading of 1-½” outer diameter (OD) medium-pressure tubing.   Both coning and threading machines share  many quality features including:


MAXPRO semi-automated machines offer fast and reliable operation, quick set-up times, and improved efficiency. Both machines perform the coning and threading procedures by fixturing the tube once, eliminating extra set-up and downtime between each process. The die head automatically resets after it retracts from threading and is immediately ready for the next tube.

Ease of Use

Both machines use a selector knob to automatically set thread length based on the tubing size. This simplifies the threading process.  After brief training for the operator, our machines are ready to use.


Both Model #MTCAT and Model MTCAT-1.5 are available in left-hand thread and right-hand thread versions.  Pre-bent tubes do not present a challenge as the tube does not rotate during the coning and threading process.

Tool Quality

Both Maxpro coning and threading machines feature hardened blades made from durable, high-quality tool steel. These blades are capable of achieving precise results with a clean surface finish over hundreds of tubes.


Both machines feature fully enclosed plexiglass shields designed to minimize pinch points and protect the operator from metal chips and oil.


Our coning and threading machines filter out the cutting oil before returning it to the reservoir and chip collection bucket, minimizing the risk of leaks and spills. It also features a locking lid for mess-free shipping and simple clean-up after production.

Simple Operating Instructions

Both MAXPRO coning and threading machines allow for single-ended operation through the entire  process. We provide clear and easy to understand operating instructions and are here to answer any questions you may have.


Tooling and Tool Kits

MAXPRO offers a complete line of coning and threading tool kits and tooling. These include:

Coning and Threading Tools From MAXPRO® Technologies

At MAXPRO, we are a leading supplier of high-quality solutions for high-pressure applications. Our MTCAT and MTCAT-1.5 coning and threading machines are the best choice for quality coning and threading of seamless, cold drawn, austenitic stainless steel tubing.  We also offer a full line of coning and threading tool kits for both medium and high-pressure tubing.

To learn more about our coning and threading machines, contact us or request a quote today.