Coning and Threading Machine & Tools

Coning & Threading Machine & ToolsNew from MAXPRO!! – MAXPRO® is pleased to announce the newest addition to our Coning & Threading machine line.   MAXPRO® can now offer coning and threading of 1-½” Medium Pressure Tubing. This is an industry first! Contact us today for all your coning and threading needs.

Coning and Threading Machine and Tooling

When you need to quickly and conveniently cone and thread high pressure, thick wall, stainless steel tubing, MAXPRO® Technologies provides an ideal solution. MAXPRO® has designed a patented, safe, easy-to-use, semi-automatic, dedicated machine to handle tube preparation.  Catalog #MTCAT easily handles medium pressure tubing to 1″ O.D. and high pressure tubing to 9/16″ O.D.  The new MTCAT-1.5 MAXPRO® Coning & Threading Machine is capable of handling 1-1/2” O.D. Medium Pressure Tubing!

Coning and Threading Machine and Features

Our proprietary Coning & Threading Machine takes the guesswork out of machining the most commonly used connections in the high pressure industry.

The MAXPRO® Coning & Threading Machine features:

  • Faster operation, requiring less operator training
  • Easily installed coning blades
  • Coning and threading in sequential operations
  • Fully enclosed cabinet that eliminates pinch points
  • Plexiglass cover to protect the operator from cutting oil and metal chip


See our Coning & Threading Machine in action below. MAXPRO® also offers a complete line of tooling for the Coning & Threading machine.  The MAXPRO® Coning & Threading Machine is available for sale or lease, and also available CE-marked for use in Europe.

Manual Coning & Threading Tool Kits

MAXPRO® offers a complete line of coning and threading tool kits for manually coning and threading 1/4” OD, 3/8″ OD and 9/16” OD tubing.  Choose from three different versions:

  • Medium Pressure
  • High Pressure
  • Complete kit, including both medium and high pressure tooling
  • Ultra High 5/16″ OD sold separately

All items are conveniently packaged in a sturdy, hand-carry tool case.  The unique design allows for interchangeability between components, eliminating the need for multiple tool inventories.

At MAXPRO® Technologies, we strive to offer the highest quality solutions for any high pressure application. For more information about our Coning & Threading Machine, tool kits, or any of our other high pressure solutions, please contact us.