High Pressure Gas Boosters

Gas BoostersMAXPRO® Technologies was founded in 1995 as the exclusive North American distributor of Maximator® products. Maximator® is globally recognized as an industry leader in high pressure solutions. Our expert team of engineers and customer service representatives will help you choose an effective, reliable gas booster system to meet your unique requirements.

High Pressure Gas Boosters

Maximator® air driven reciprocating gas boosters are suitable for the oil-free compression of gases and air.  They are also a simple, cost-effective means for gas pressure intensification, scavenging, or recirculation at a wide range of pressures.

These units require only a compressed air source to operate. Double-acting units utilize the inlet gas pressure to assist in compressing the gas. The exhausted drive air is used as an effective cooling media to lessen the heat from compression. Gas boosters are intrinsically safe because electrical power is not required.

There are a variety of materials, seal options, and features that enable our high pressure gas boosters to meet the needs of most compressed gases, including oxygen, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon.  Depending on the application, one- and two-stage versions are available.  Gas boosters can be paired up in series or parallel to further increase their pressure and volume capabilities.

High Pressure Gas Booster Features

We offer a variety of standard, off-the-shelf high pressure gas boosters. We can also customize boosters to meet the needs of unique applications. The features of our high pressure gas boosters include:

  • Pressures to 36,000 psi for most gases and 5,000 psi for oxygen
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Single- or double-acting and two-stage models
  • Double air head available in single- and two-stage boosters
  • No electrical power required
  • High pressure seal lubrication not required
  • Boosters are contamination free
  • Units can be operated in series or parallel
  • Variety of pressure and compression ratios available

High Pressure Gas Booster Applications

Some of the most common applications for our Maximator® high pressure gas boosters include:

  • Ground support for aviation maintenance and service providers
  • Pressurizing hydrogen for fuel cells
  • Accumulator charging
  • Helium recovery and leak detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Valve actuation

Quality Control and Industry Standards

All Maximator® products are subjected to extensive quality assurance procedures.   Maximator® is a quality manufacturer with certification to ISO 9001:2015.  Please call us if CE Mark is required.

High Pressure Gas Boosters From MAXPRO Technologies

At MAXPRO® Technologies, we strive to offer the highest quality solutions for any high pressure application. For more information about our Maximator High Pressure Gas Boosters or any of our other high pressure solutions, please contact us.