Rental Equipment

At MAXPRO® Technologies, we help our customers stay within their budgets by offering rental options for a variety of high pressure equipment. By using our rental service, our clients gain all the advantages of using our high quality products without incurring the expenses associated with purchase and maintenance.

Rental Equipment Services

We rent a variety of power products. If you need to temporarily boost air to a workstation, we also rent air amplifier systems. There are many advantages to renting equipment from MAXPRO, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • No maintenance responsibilities
  • Great customer service
  • The option to try equipment in real-world settings before purchasing
  • Meeting temporary equipment needs without large investments
  • Testing piping in a new facility
  • Minimize downtime when owned equipment needs maintenance

We offer rentals on the following equipment:

Coning and Threading Machine

The MAXPRO® Coning and Threading Machine is fast to learn and easy to use. With just a short tutorial, your operators can quickly learn how to cone and thread tubing. Please see our Coning and Threading Machine video for more details.

The capabilities of this machine include:

  • Cone 1/4″ tubes and nipples up to 1-½” using different coning and threading tool packages
  • Easy and successful coning and threading on autofrettage tubing
  • Coning and threading for HP160 material used in the high pressure food processing industry

Reasons for renting the MAXPRO Coning and Threading Machine may include:

  • Try before you buy
  • Installation and service of high pressure food processing equipment
  • Opening of new test facilities for research and development
  • Drill pipe testing facilities in the oil and gas industry
  • Hydrogen fuel cell filling station installations

Rental Hydrostatic Testing Equipment

There are many applications for high pressure hydrostatic testing in business and industry today. Pipes, hoses, valves, tanks, and other pressurized equipment must be tested and certified for original use and after any repair. While many facilities own their hydrostatic testing equipment, there are a variety of reasons a business may need to rent it. Some of these include:

  • When the need for hydrostatic testing equipment is only temporary
  • Trying out equipment before committing to a purchase
  • Owned equipment is down for maintenance or repair

For more information on our high pressure hydrostatic testing equipment, check out some of our videos.

Rental Gas Booster Equipment

Our portable gas boosters are available for rent. They feature a small footprint and are typically used for on-site gas pressurization and for proof testing plumbing systems. Watch our video here to see the unit in operation.

Our portable gas booster systems include a variety of features, including:

  • Air control package
  • Pressure switch
  • Gauges
  • Vent valve
  • Safety relief valve
  • Pelican® case

Rental Equipment From MAXPRO Technologies

At MAXPRO Technologies, we strive to offer the highest quality solutions for any high pressure application. We are committed to helping our customers access the high pressure solutions they need without breaking the bank.  For more information about our rental equipment, please contact us.