Assembly of Anti-Vibration Collet Gland Connections

Assembly Instructions

1. The High Pressure Anti-Vibration Collet Gland Assembly can be installed using the same procedure as the standard coned and threaded connection. (see above steps 1 through 3) The high pressure collet grips the tube when the connection gland is tightened.

2. When using the Medium Pressure Anti-Vibration Collet Assembly, the procedure is the same as that of the standard coned and threaded connection (see above steps 1 through 3) with the additional step below.

3. Once the Collet Body has been tightened to the approriate torque value in the table below, the Collet Gland can be turned 1 – 1/4 turns past hand tight. This will compress the collet against the tube. After the initial compression of the collet, any additional retightening would only require 3/4 of a turn past hand tight.