Waterjet Cutting Industry

It may be a surprise to consumers and businesses alike that we are surrounded by items that were cut accurately and inexpensively by water.

Waterjet cutting originated with thin streams of water delivered through a nozzle at high pressure, cutting soft items, such as paper.

As the industry developed, higher pressure water pumps were available, and abrasives were introduced into the water stream in order to cut hard materials. These advances have developed new avenues for cutting materials such as:

  • granite countertops and backsplashes cut by waterjet
  • water jet cut laminated glass and bullet proof glass
  • cutting metal, including stainless steel waterjet cutting (With further development there is now minimal heat produced by the process, allowing metal to be cut without harm or changes in dimensions of the cut items.)

Softer products are still largely cut by water jets.

  • The automotive industry uses water jet cutting for:
  • o Cutting gaskets, interior door components, instrument panels
  • o Fiberglass body components
  • o Interior trim (water jets cut headliners, carpet and trunk liners).
  • o Truck bed liners
  • o Bumpers
  • Food industries use water jet cutting for:
  • o Cutting meat and fish, for example frozen fish sticks, chicken nuggets, or strips (an additional benefit to the speed is that there is no cross contamination from blades).
  • o Slicing vegetables, such as celery and mushrooms
  • Fiberglass is cut easily with waterjets and provides accurate cuts on items such as:
  • o 4’ x 8’ sheets of panel insulation
  • o Home “pink” insulation
  • o Boat bodies, where it can also accurately trim out the holes required for mounting and assembly.

The applications for waterjet cutting are almost too numerous to mention. Computer operated machines set up the process and are monitored, doing all of the cutting work swiftly and accurately. Because of the precise accuracy and narrow width of cut (kerf), pieces can be cut very close to each other, which reduces the amount of material that is wasted.

So, how can Maxpro help the waterjet industry? Maxpro sells high quality replacement parts for waterjet cutting machines. Maxpro provides 60,000 psi waterjet cutting parts such as collars, glands, tees, crosses, elbows, adapters, couplings and stainless steel high pressure tubing. These same components and tubing are available to 100,000 psi. Questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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