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As new efforts to save energy are getting higher visibility, companies can look to Maxpro to achieve lower cost solutions to efficiently obtain higher pressure exactly where needed without the  huge expense of large capital equipment.

Maxpro is continually exploring new and emerging markets and applications within the industries it serves in order to provide point of use high pressure solutions with just a few days turnaround.

Cycle Tester with Three Stations

Click here to learn more about Maxpro’s cycle tester with three stations.

Cycle Tester with Three Stations 

MT25RV High Pressure Relief Valve
Pressures to 25,000 PSI

Fairview, PA – September 2015 – Maxpro Technologies has added an additional high pressure, externally adjustable relief valve to our product line.  In addition to the MT10RV, which is adjustable to 10,000 psi, the MT25RV adds the capability of working at pressures up to 25,000 psi.

“The MT25RV relief valves are designed to protect systems and components against over-pressure both for gas and liquid applications.  The unique poppet design allows for chatter free pressure release and excellent deadband pressure control.  

The body is 316L stainless steel, seal materials are PTFE/EPDM and the inlet is ¼” High Pressure with ¼” FNPT outlet.  Minimum setting for this relief valve is 2,500 psi, with a maximum pressure of 25,000 psi.  The MT25RV Relief Valve is externally adjustable. These are available in stock for immediate shipment.

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