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Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages (Nitrogen Gas Booster Systems)

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MAXPRO Technologies Inc. designs, engineers, and builds a wide variety of high-quality “Bootstrap” Gas Booster Packages to boost nitrogen pressure. Here we will discuss what MAXPRO Technologies Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages are and how they work along with their typical applications and benefits.

What Is a Bootstrap Gas Booster Package?

Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages are capable of boosting gas pressures over a wide range from just a few hundred psi all the way up to 36,000 psi. Our bootstrap systems differ from our gas racks in that all of the components are mounted on the booster itself as opposed to our frame mount designs. Bootstraps are ideal for integration into applications where space is limited and when portability and economy are key considerations.

Since we can design and build our Bootstrap Packages around any of our 32 models of air-driven Maximator gas boosters, we are able to tailor them to meet your individual gas boosting needs.

How Does a Bootstrap Gas Booster System Work?

The term “bootstrap” comes from the fact that there isn’t any frame. All components load onto the booster, resulting in systems that are considerably smaller and more portable. They are also easy to integrate into existing machinery.

Along with the gas booster itself, Bootstrap systems include essential modular components:

  • Air Control Package – Drive air regulator and filter, air pressure gauge, shut-off ball valve, and fittings
  • Inlet Plumbing – Connects the gas source to the booster inlet ports
  • Outlet Plumbing – Collects boosted pressure gas from the outlet ports and provides a common connection to the customer’s application system.

Running a bootstrap gas booster system involves several key steps. Initially, the air drive is turned off using the included air shut-off ball valve. Next, the air regulator is adjusted so drive air pressure is correct to achieve the desired gas outlet pressure according to the booster’s pressure ratio. Once the air regulator is set, the shut-off ball valve can be slowly opened to start the booster. Once the booster is running, adjustable air pressure pilot switches then control the system.

Air pilot switches used on bootstrap packages are available in either normally open (“NO”) or normally closed (“NC”) configurations. The “NO” pressure pilot switch is connected to the booster’s high-pressure circuit side and is set to shut off pilot air to the booster once the outlet pressure reaches the desired level. The “NC” pressure pilot switch is connected to the inlet gas circuit and will shut off pilot air to the booster once the gas supply pressure drops below a certain level. High-pressure circuit “NO” pilot switches are standard on all MAXPRO Technologies gas booster package systems. “NC” pressure pilot switches are not standard but can be quoted.

System Applications

Our Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages work with a wide variety of applications across a range of industries. Some of these specific applications include:

  • Pressure component leak testing
  • Gas-charging accumulators
  • Low-pressure gas recovery from supply bottles – this is particularly important where costly gases such as helium, high purity argon, neon, and others are used.
  • Gas-assist injection molding
  • Pressurizing gas cylinders and shock absorbers
  • Boosting gas pressures from vaporized liquids
  • Boosting gas pressure from oxygen and nitrogen generators

How Can My Operation Benefit from MAXPRO’s Turnkey Solution?

If you’re searching for the perfect gas booster for your application, MAXPRO’s Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages can give you what you need to drive results. Our systems don’t require any electrical power for operation, making them an effective, efficient, and safe solution for gas pressurization. Additionally, we ship our packages fully assembled, tested, and prepared to install immediately upon arrival at your facility.

The experienced professionals at MAXPRO are ready to help you select the right products for your application today. Our team of knowledgeable engineers and customer service representatives has extensive experience matching various MAXPRO systems to our customer’s unique specifications. Our technicians build and test gas booster package systems literally every day!

If you would like to find out more about our Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages and other products, contact us today to request more information.