High-Pressure Relief Valves

High-Pressure Relief Valves

A pressure relief valve protects pressurized vessels or systems during overpressure events. At MAXPRO Technologies, we manufacture, distribute, and rent various high-pressure equipment. We are the exclusive North American distributor of Maximator® high-pressure air-driven liquid pumps, air amplifiers, gas boosters, fittings, tubing, and valves. Our high-pressure relief valves are designed with the most demanding applications in mind. Learn more about them here.

What Are High-Pressure Relief Valves?

A high-pressure relief valve is an important component, especially for systems or vessels that require control of overpressure conditions. Overpressure events are circumstances likely to cause pressure in a system or vessel to exceed the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) or specified design pressure.

High-pressure relief valves protect property and life by venting gas or fluids to a safe location. The valve ensures consistently safe pressure levels and prevents system damage or failure.

High-Pressure Relief Valves

MAXPRO Pressure Relief Valves

MAXPRO’s proportional relief valves have numerous features designed to protect systems and components from overpressure. As proportional relief valves, they open gradually as pressure increases. Their unique poppet design enables chatter-free pressure relief and effective deadband pressure control. The soft seat design provides increased cycle life and bubble-tight shutoff. Accommodating pressures up to 66,000 psi, these proportional relief valves are also available with factory preset pressures and lockout tamperproof options.

Here’s the full list of features:

  • Liquid or gas service
  • 316L stainless steel body
  • PTFE/EPDM seal materials
  • MT3RV, MT10RV and MT25RV models have nylon seats
  • Externally adjustable
  • Panel mounting
  • Temperature range: 0°F to 200°F
  • Safety weep hole for seal area leak detection
  • Preset and locked cracking pressure “-L”

MAXPRO also offers repair kits and valve bodies upon request.

Benefits & Advantages of Relief Valves

The primary purpose of a high-pressure relief valve is to protect systems and components against overpressure. The high-pressure relief valve offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Gas or liquid service applications. High-pressure relief valves can work for gas and liquid systems to prevent overpressure situations.
  • Chatter-free pressure release. Its unique poppet design eliminates chattering, which is the rapid opening and closing of a pressure relief valve that results in vibration. This vibration is likely to cause misalignment, valve seat damage, and internal mechanical failure.
  • Corrosion resistance. The 316L stainless steel valve body is corrosion-resistant.
  • Bubble-tight shutoff. The soft seat design enables bubble-tight sealing.
  • Panel mounting option. The valve comes with panel mounting features, allowing for easy installation and replacement.
  • Safety weep hole. The valve features a safety weep hole for seal area leak detection.

High-Pressure Adjustable Relief Valves From MAXPRO Technologies

High-pressure relief valves are essential to provide safety and protection against overpressure in most piping systems and vessels. At MAXPRO Technologies, we manufacture high-pressure adjustable relief valves to meet many application demands. Browse our catalog to find the right solution for your system.