Air Amplifier Price: What Should I Be Paying?

Air amplifiers are important for the success of various industries and applications. When centralized air pressure systems need extra capacity, air amplifiers help fill localized demand. Installing an air amplifier to boost pressure at the point of use will allow for decreasing shop-wide air pressure.  A quality air amplifier system can save thousands of dollars […]

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Equipment

What Is Hydrostatic Testing? Hydrostatic testing, or a hydrotest, is the process of testing piping systems, pressure vessels, gas cylinders, fuel tanks, and boilers for leaks. The test involves filling the system with a test liquid, usually water, and raising the pressure to a desired level. Test operators then monitor the system for measurable or […]

Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages (Nitrogen Gas Booster Systems)

MAXPRO Technologies Inc. designs, engineers, and builds a wide variety of high-quality “Bootstrap” Gas Booster Packages to boost nitrogen pressure. Here we will discuss what MAXPRO Technologies Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages are and how they work along with their typical applications and benefits. What Is a Bootstrap Gas Booster Package? Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages are […]

Hydrogen Technology Expo

The MAXPRO Technologies team is excited to share that you’ll be able to find us at Booth #600 at this year’s Hydrogen Technology North America Expo. Held at the NRG Centre in Houston, Texas, from June 28 to 29, 2023.  This event aims to promote the development of the latest hydrogen technologies and solutions. Details […]

Custom and Standard High Pressure Systems

The engineering and development team at MAXPRO® Technologies Inc. is experienced in creating high-pressure custom and standard pressure systems with applications ranging from burst testing to hydrotesting and beyond. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and make recommendations so that we can design high-pressure custom systems to your exact needs with quality […]

Semi-Automated Gas Skid System

This semi-automated cycle gas skid system supports customers requiring specific pressure test parameters that are often beyond the capability of hydraulic media systems. Built for nitrogen or compressed air applications, this system is programmed to cycle between 50 psi and 1,500 psi for a predetermined number of cycles using gas pressure. Using an air-driven nitrogen […]

Air Amplifier System AS-DLA15-1-1G-PS

Our Air Amplifier System AS-DLA15-1-1G-PS utilizes a Maximator Model DLA15-1 Air Amplifier and offers an ideal solution for boosting compressed air to pressure ranges higher than most typical shop air systems. This is an ideal system for amplifying compressed air from 100 psi to 1,000 psi. It is equipped with a single-acting, single-stage air booster […]

Equipment Considerations for Hydrogen Applications

Due to the inherent dangers of working with pressurized hydrogen, it is important to utilize high-pressure equipment that is reliable even in hazardous conditions. An understanding of the specific considerations for these types of applications helps ensure workplace safety and compliance with industry standards. Importance of Using the Right High-Pressure Equipment When compared to other […]

Maxpro Technologies Acquires Maximator Test

Fairview, PA — April 11, 2022 — Maxpro Technologies Inc. now offers offers high-pressure testing services with the acquisition of Maximator Test, LLC, in Gurnee, IL. Maximator Test offers a full range of high-pressure testing services, including leak, impulse and proof testing with pressures to 65,000 psi, and burst testing with pressures to 145,000 psi.  […]

Changing Coning Blades and Die Chasers on the Coning & Threading Machines

Since 2011,  MAXPRO Technologies has been building  patented, easy-to-operate coning and threading machines.  Coned and threaded connections are a safe and reliable option for medium, high, and ultra-high pressure tubing.  Follow these instructions for changing the coning blades and die chasers. Click here to watch a video.   Things You’ll Need Screwdriver or rod Die chasers […]