Gas Booster Systems

Gas Booster System

At MAXPRO® Technologies Inc. we incorporate quality Maximator® high pressure products in our standard and custom-designed Gas Booster Systems.

What Is a Gas Booster System & How Does it Work?

A MAXPRO Gas Booster System provides an air driven solution to increasing gas pressures with all appropriate operational and safety hardware for the application. These easily installed and operated systems provide a compact and oftentimes portable means to intensify most gases, including nitrogen, argon, helium, oxygen, and hydrogen up to pressures as high as 36,000 psi for some gases. These systems utilize shop air as the driving force to operate an air driven (reciprocating piston) gas booster. Gas boosters achieve higher pressures by use of shop air pressure acting upon an air driven piston area that is much larger than the outlet high pressure gas piston. This ratio of piston areas along with the automatic reciprocating action via an integral four way spool valve provides the means to increase gas pressures. The booster is controlled by a low pressure air drive regulator with gauge and ball valve. Inlet gas is monitored by an inlet gauge and oftentimes an inlet pressure switch is used to ensure that inlet pressure is maintained to a minimum pressure level. Outlet gas plumbing typically includes an outlet pressure gauge, vent and isolation valves and also a high pressure switch to automatically shut off the booster at a desired preset pressure, a relief device to prevent over-pressurization, and gas filtration. As appropriate, a gas storage vessel with a high pressure regulator can be added to deliver gas at the desired pressure.

Applications of Gas Booster SystemsGas Booster System

Gas booster systems are used in a variety of applications across a wide range of industries. Typical uses include:

  • Leak testing of pressure components
  • Low pressure gas reclaim from storage bottles
  • Gas charging accumulators
  • Pressurizing gas cylinders and shock absorbers
  • Boosting gas pressure from nitrogen and oxygen generators
  • Gas assist injection molding
  • Boosting gas pressures from vaporized liquid sources

Gas Booster SystemFeatures of MAXPRO Gas Booster Systems

Key features of MAXPRO gas booster systems include:

  • Air-driven design. MAXPRO gas booster systems do not require electrical power for operation. This makes them a quick, effective and safe gas pressurizing solution.
  • Gas pressurizing capacities from 30 to 36,000 psi. MAXPRO gas booster systems are available with pressurizing capacities ranging from 30 to 36,000 psi. Most gases (e.g., argon, helium, hydrogen, and nitrogen) can be pressurized up to 36,000 psi. Oxygen can be pressurized up to 5,000 psi. Systems used for hazardous gases can be configured so the vent ports are channeled to a common vent connection.
  • Turnkey installation. MAXPRO gas booster systems are shipped fully assembled, tested, and ready for installation.

Our gas booster systems can operate in series for applications involving high output pressure requirements and low gas supply pressures. They can also operate in parallel for applications requiring higher gas flows. If needed, MAXPRO can supply complete packages with multiple gas booster arrangements.

How Can My Operation Benefit From MAXPRO’s Turnkey Solution?

Looking for a gas booster system for your plant? Turn to the high pressure equipment experts at MAXPRO! Our helpful and friendly engineers and customer service representatives have over 20 years of experience matching quality MAXPRO® products to your requirements.

To learn more about our gas booster systems, contact us today. To discuss your equipment requirements with one of our representatives, request a quote.