Gas Pipeline Operations

Across the country, gas transmission lines utilize a complex system of electric compressors and pumping stations to supply cities along the way. In the case of an electrical outage, electric pumps and compressors will not operate, bringing the natural gas supply to a halt.

Restoring the supply of natural gas is not an easy proposition. Pipeline personnel must close all pipeline meters, purge the system with compressed air, repressurize with gas and then physically visit every location to reignite every pilot light.

A pipeline air amplifier system from MAXPRO® Technologies can provide large storage tanks of high pressure air to keep these valves pressurized during an outage.  The system consists of an air pressure amplifier with a large storage tank (in this case, four systems with 30-gallon, 200-gallon and 400-gallon tanks) and the necessary components for a turnkey system.

The compressed air amplifier will take the standard shop pressure, raise it, and store it in large tanks. These tanks will deliver the needed air pressure to cycle the compressor station valves during an outage and keep the gas flowing without interruption.

This specific application will store emergency air to cycle critical valve actuators at 150 psi if normal utilities are down.

MAXPRO® Technologies has equipment to provide high pressure air to critical gas pipeline valves during emergency situations. See photos of more air amplifier systems by clicking ‘View Catalog’.

Pipeline air amplifiers with 30, 200 & 400 gallon tanks

Pipeline air amplifiers with 30, 200 & 400 gallon tanks