Portable Test Carts

Portable Test Cart

Maxpro’s Portable Test Cart

 Hydrostatic testing is an inspection process that tests for leaks and strength of boilers, piping systems, pressure vessels, gas cylinders, and piping systems. Hydrostatic testing is important because it ensures that the equipment will not fail or rupture due to cracks and other small flaws. 

Hydrostatic testing is a form of pressure test that works by first filling the system or the component with water.  Next, the air is completely removed from the unit before it is pressurized.  The pressure is held for a set amount of time to check for leaks. 

MAXPRO® two-wheeled test carts are available in several standard models and can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

System Features

Portable two-wheeled test carts offer the following system features:

  • Fast, affordable, and efficient. The carts are quick-to-action, cost-effective, and can easily operate with only a compressed air supply.
  • Wide liquid pressure ranges. MAXPRO® test carts are capable of handling liquid pressure ranges from 100 psi to 100,000 psi and can flow to several gallons per minute at lower pressures.
  • Works without electricity. Every pressure testing cart is air-driven and does not require electricity.
  • Automatic or manual mode. Our portable test carts can be either automatic or manual to suit various application needs.
  • Shutdown and operation. MAXPRO® two-wheeled test carts can run unattended and be shut down at any time. 


At MAXPRO, we offer quality portable test carts to meet your specific requirements.  Here are two examples:   

  • MTTC05-W-L60-8G. This model uses an L60 pump for water with an 8-gallon reservoir and a pressure rating of 5,000 psi.
  • MTTC30-W-L250-8G-DG-SS. This model features an L250 pump for water with an 8-gallon stainless steel reservoir, a vent valve and has a pressure rating of 30,000 psi. 

Hydrostatic Portable Testing Carts from MAXPRO® Technologies

MAXPRO® two-wheeled test carts can be used for hydrostatic pressure testing.  They are fast, affordable, and can be configured to meet your specific requirements.  Portable test carts are also available in several standard models. 

Since 1995, it’s been our mission to provide high-quality products with superior customer service. Our skilled employees have more than 325 years of combined experience working with high-pressure products. To learn more about our two-wheeled portable test carts, contact us or request a quote today.