Liquid Pumping Systems

If you need to increase hydraulic pressure using only shop air, then consider the wide range of standard and custom-designed Liquid Pumping Systems from MAXPRO® Technologies Inc. Our quality liquid pumping systems feature Maximator® pressure products and are available in a variety of configurations and pressure ranges from 60 to 101,000 psi.

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Liquid Pumping System Options at MAXPRO®

Liquid Pumping Systems

We offer a variety of liquid pumping systems, from portable, lightweight, and self-contained pumps and reservoirs to large-scale, semi-automated test benches. Our selection includes:

  • Power cubes. MAXPRO® Power cubes are designed for quick and accurate on-the-spot hydrostatic testing. They offer high flow capacities in a low-cost, rugged, and compact unit, and require only a compressed air supply and water source. These units are commonly used in the shale gas industry for frack iron recertification operations.
  • Power packs. Our power packs have a portable, lightweight, and self-contained design. They are an economical hydraulic power option, suitable for elevating pressures in oil or water.
  • Test carts. Test carts are two-wheeled, portable systems suitable for taking the system to the test location. They can be used for hydrostatic testing, cycle testing, and leak testing operations.
  • Pump skids. MAXPRO®’s compact and complete pump skid systems have most of their components mounted within the boundaries of the standard powder-coated or stainless steel frame. They can be engineered for water or oil service and pressure capacities ranging from 500 to 60,000 psi.
  • Test benches. Our test benches can be engineered for air, gas, oil, and water service. Options for manual, semi-automated or PLC controls and horizontal or vertical test chambers are available. They can be set up for hydrostatic testing, burst testing, or leak testing operations.
  • Economy power cubes. Economy power cubes offer the same engineering and workmanship as our high-quality hydrostatic testing systems in a basic and lower-cost package. They are ideal for BOP/stack service shops, frack and flowback iron recert shops, and other facilities that perform hydrostatic pressure testing operations but do not require the wide pressure range offered by standard power cubes.

Applications of MAXPRO® Liquid Pumping Systems

MAXPRO® liquid pumping systems are suitable for many testing and other pressure-based operations, such as:

  • Pressure and burst testing for PVC and pipe fittings.
  • Burst and cycle testing for hoses and other test subjects up to 60,000 psi
  • Tube and sheet hydroforming
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Coating, dye, ink, paint, and pigment manufacturing
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Sludge dewatering

How Can My Operation Benefit From MAXPRO®’s Turnkey Solution?

Considering a simple air-driven liquid pumping system for your facility? Choose from one of our standard products. If you don’t see something that meets your requirements, our engineers will be glad to design a custom system to handle your process.

Contact us today to discuss your liquid pump system requirements.