High Pressure Tubing

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High Pressure Tubing

For the past 25 years at MAXPRO® Technologies, we have been the exclusive distributor of MAXIMATOR® high-pressure products in North America. Our distribution network is constantly being evaluated and expanded, allowing us to supply an assortment of industries with air-driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, valves, fittings, tubing, and more.

MAXPRO’s cold-drawn, thick-walled tubing is manufactured with the strictest quality assurance guidelines in place. Our high-pressure stainless-steel tubing is available in a range of size and pressure ratings and can be used in a wide variety of applications. MAXPRO medium and high-pressure stainless-steel tubing is manufactured from 316SS or 304SS and Ultra high-pressure tubing is manufactured from HP160 or 316SS. The tubing is seamless and has a tensile strength greater than comparable annealed tubing.

High Pressure Tubing


The viable pressure rating of tubing depends on its diameter. Typically, smaller diameters are able to handle greater pressures than larger diameters within the same pressure rating. MAXPRO tubing is available in medium, high, and ultra-high pressure ratings:

  • Medium Pressure Tubing
    • 1/4”, 3/8”, 9/16”, 3/4”, 1” with pressures to 22,500 psi
    • 1-1/2” with pressures to 15,200 psi
    • All diameters of MAXPRO stainless steel tubing are available at lengths ranging from 20-26.5 feet.
  • High-Pressure Tubing
    • 1/4”, 3/8”, 9/16” with pressures to 65,000 psi
    • 1” with pressures to 43,000 psi
    • All diameters of MAXPRO stainless steel tubing are available at lengths ranging from 20-26.5 feet.
  • Ultra-High Pressures Tubing
    • 1/4”, 3/8”, 9/16” with pressures to 101,000 psi
    • 5/16” with pressures to 152,000 psi
    • All diameters of MAXPRO stainless steel tubing are available at lengths ranging from 20-26.5 feet.

MAXPRO high-pressure tubing can operate at temperatures as low as -423°F and as high as 1,200°F (derating may apply). The dependable coned-and-threaded connection is the industry standard. All diameters of MAXPRO stainless steel tubing are available at lengths ranging from 20-26.5 feet. Special order lengths are available. Custom lengths can be cut to order.

MAXPRO® offers high pressure autofrettaged tubing. Autofrettage is the practice of subjecting the internal bore of the tubing to a pressure sufficiently high enough to plastically deform the bore, resulting in a residual compressive stress once the pressure is released. Autofrettage improves the fatigue life of the tube, which is important in waterjet cutting and other production environments.


Industries + Applications

MAXPRO® high pressure tubing is used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, waterjet cutting, food processing, petrochemical/chemical, and many others for fluid handling. While we serve myriad industries, MAXPRO tubing is especially popular in the following:

  • Oil and gas. The oil and gas industry has many uses for high-pressure stainless-steel tubing. In the field, high-pressure tubing is used for down-hole control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic piping, chemical injection modules, vacuum systems, and much more.
  • Chemical/petrochemical. High-pressure stainless-steel tubing in the petrochemical industry regularly carries chemicals and other hazardous fluids that could harm equipment and personnel if improperly handled. High-pressure stainless-steel coned and threaded tubing is used to make safe connections.
  • Food processing. MAXPRO HP160 High-Pressure Stainless-Steel tubing is used in high pressure food processing lines. High pressures require coned and threaded connections and MAXPRO’s Ultra-High Pressure HP160 tubing is rated well above the required 87,000 psi.
High Pressure Tubing

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At MAXPRO Technologies, we pride ourselves on our quality products and attentive customer service. Our high-pressure stainless-steel tubing is guaranteed to be high-quality and manufactured to the strictest of quality assurance standards.

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