High Pressure Systems

MAXPRO® Technologies was founded in 1995 as the exclusive North American distributor of Maximator® products. Maximator is globally recognized as an industry leader in high pressure solutions. Our expert team of engineers will help you choose the most effective and reliable high pressure system for your application.  We offer an extensive range of high pressure industrial equipment and testing systems for use in many applications.

Air Amplifier Systems

MAXPRO® air amplifier systems are designed to boost plant air pressure at workstations and within pneumatically operated machinery when the available working pressure is insufficient.  Air amplifier systems are ideal for turnkey installation at workstations or machine centers to boost plant air pressure for pneumatic tools and other air-powered equipment such as pneumatic clamps, cylinders, and more.

Since they use the same compressed air source for both driving and amplifying, MAXPRO® air amplifier systems do not need electrical power. This ensures quick installation and cost-effective operation. These systems provide short-term, high-flow air or constant flow with reserve at a constant regulated output pressure. The storage tanks are ASME code-compliant and CRN-certified and include a safety relief valve, drain valve, and pressure gauge.

MAXPRO® air amplifier systems are available in several standard configurations, several of which are available for rent as well as purchase. We also design custom units to suit specific flow and pressure requirements.

Liquid Pumping Systems

MAXPRO® Technologies offers many different solutions for generating elevated water and oil pressures using only shop air. Our pumps come in several different styles and range very widely in pressure from 60 psi all the way up to 101,000 psi. We offer an array of systems, starting with self-contained pumps and reservoirs designed to be lightweight and portable, up to larger test benches designed to contain everything you would need for testing all in one place.

Our liquid pump systems are easy to install and simple to operate.  With such a broad product line of liquid pumps, we have an option to meet the needs and restrictions of any shop.

Gas Booster Systems

MAXPRO® gas booster systems provide a compact, portable source for increasing gas pressures.  Our air driven booster systems ship assembled, fully tested, and ready for turnkey installation. Gas booster systems require no electrical power, so they are safe and economical to operate. Our gas booster systems can compress most gases, including nitrogen, argon, helium, and hydrogen and are capable of pressures up to 36,000 psi. Systems requiring special seals and cleaning can pressurize oxygen to 5,000 psi.

Booster systems using special materials and meeting specific cleanliness standards for specialty gases are available. All MAXPRO® systems for use with hazardous gases are modified to ensure the booster’s vent ports are piped to a common vent connection.  Customized gas booster systems with automated controls are also available.

Bootstrap Gas Booster Packages

Bootstrap gas booster packages from MAXPRO® Technologies are a great way to boost any gas up to 36,000 psi at a lower price point and smaller size than our line of gas racks. A bootstrap system differs from a gas rack because all components are line-mounted rather than frame-mounted. Bootstrap systems are an excellent choice for system integration where infrequent attention is typical. Our bootstrap systems can be tailored to fit your gas boosting needs with any of the 32 air-driven gas boosters offered by Maximator.

MAXPRO® Technologies also has several standard bootstrap systems rated up to 4,000 psi. These systems are most commonly used to pump down gas bottles to virtually eliminate unusable gas.

We are no stranger to custom systems. If you require a bootstrap system outside of our standard offerings, our engineering team will design a perfect gas boosting solution for your application.

Oxygen Gas Booster Packages

MAXPRO® Technologies is pleased to offer multiple options for pre-configured oxygen gas booster packages. These self-contained packages are ideal for the aviation oxygen industry, as well as sport diving, rescue breathing, and gas scavenge applications. These commercial-grade, air-driven, oxygen booster packages allow for full use of supply gas, saving money over returning partial cylinders. The built-in high pressure switch allows the booster package to run unattended at full speed and cutoff when the desired pressure is achieved. Multiple options are available based on pressure and flow requirements and are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Portable Test Carts

MAXPRO® two-wheeled test carts are a popular form of air-driven pressure testing equipment. Our portable test carts are available in standard models but can also be customized in many combinations to tackle the most demanding applications. While typically used for pumping liquids, MAXPRO® can also build portable test carts around a gas booster for recharging gas struts and accumulators on-site and to facilitate pressure testing.

Portable test carts are budget-friendly and quick-to-action, requiring only compressed air supply.  Liquid pressure ranges from 100 to 100,000 psi and flows to several gallons per minute at lower pressures. The gas pressure range is from 100 psi to 36,000 psi in most gas media. All portable test carts are air-driven and require no electric power.

Custom Systems

At MAXPRO® Technologies, we’re always excited for the opportunity to design custom systems around any customer’s special parameters. From boosting gas pressure for molding baby bottles to scavenging helium gas from decommissioned missile tubes to research laboratories, our high pressure team of engineers brings an expansive range of experience to the table when developing solutions to your pressure challenges.

Whether you are simply hydro testing, burst testing, or stretching the imagination to achieve something new, we’re willing to listen, make recommendations, and apply our skills to make it reality. Please view examples of our custom systems on our website for more information about our capabilities.

High Pressure Test Systems & Equipment From MAXPRO Technologies

At MAXPRO® Technologies, we strive to offer the highest quality solutions for any high pressure application. For more information about our High Pressure Test Systems & Equipment, please contact us.