Supercritical CO2 Extraction

There are many advantages to using supercritical carbon dioxide to extract and separate organic elements. The food and beverage industry has successfully used supercritical extraction to make decaffeinated coffee since approximately 1986.

Prior to using CO2 for caffeine extraction from coffee beans, decaffeination was achieved by using solvents which were known to cause cancer. Use of Supercritical CO2 eliminates the danger of using chemicals, leaves no hazardous waste products, and does not remove the aroma oils from the coffee beans. The consumer benefits from a better tasting and safer coffee product.

What other products use the supercritical method of extraction?

Essential oils and scents are obtained by subjecting organics such as rose petals or lavender to this high pressure process. Some snack foods have been processed this way to extract fat from the products.

MAXPRO® high pressure air operated liquid pumps and gas boosters are used to increase the pressure of the carbon dioxide to its “supercritical state.” The Maximator® pump or booster is used in conjunction with a heated or cooled extraction vessel which contains the product to be extracted. In the extractor, the CO2 acts as a solvent by selectively removing one or more components from the base product. The laden rich supercritical CO2 then passes through a separator vessel where the pressure/temperature is reduced, which releases the extracted material.

A common use for the supercritical method of extraction we see in headlines today is separation of cannabis oil from marijuana. This is the safest method available and is used in states that have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

Maximator® air driven high pressure liquid pumps and gas boosters are a reliable and economical way to achieve the pressure needed for CO2 botanical oil extractions. Markets for medical-grade cannabis oil are expanding, and MAXPRO® Technologies is prepared to provide liquid CO2 pumps and supercritical CO2 gas boosters to this growing extraction industry.

As market demand increases, production facilities require higher flows to support increased production requirements. MAXPRO® has the answer! We now offer 100% duty hydraulic driven CO2 pump and gas booster packages. Our turnkey packages are easy to purchase, will deliver quickly and are easy to install, operate and maintain. Several options are available for a custom fit to your flow requirements and your budget. We can also supply replacement pumps for CO2 supercritical extraction systems. While our products are not used directly as BHO extraction tubes because our tubing performs at much higher pressures, our products assist in CO2 extraction methods and applications. Please click here to download our brochure.

We would be happy to assist you with your applications for the supercritical CO2 extraction of botanicals, cannabis oil or essential oils. Please request more information or your quote here!

Supercritical CO2 Extraction
Supercritical CO2 Extraction