Hydrogen Technology Expo

The MAXPRO Technologies team is excited to share that you’ll be able to find us at Booth #600 at this year’s Hydrogen Technology North America Expo. Held at the NRG Centre in Houston, Texas, from June 28 to 29, 2023.  This event aims to promote the development of the latest hydrogen technologies and solutions.

Details About the Event

Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo

Industry experts will gather at the Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo to discuss various technologies for applications in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Attendees can expect to learn directly from other professionals throughout the whole hydrogen value chain, with a focus on discussing: 

  • Low-carbon hydrogen production
  • Scalable distribution
  • Efficient storage
  • Mobile and stationary applications of hydrogen technology

The event will attract more than 110 speakers, 200 exhibitors, and 3,500 attendees. Everyone in attendance will have the chance to both educate and learn from each other about the latest advancements changing the shape of the industry and the future. Attendees will get to see in action the various engineering solutions, manufacturing systems, advanced materials, evaluation tools, and infrastructure necessary to commercialize hydrogen energy.

Attend the Conference

Representatives of the entire supply chain in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry will gather at the Hydrogen Technology Expo to share information about the latest design, advanced materials, manufacturing, and testing solutions for hydrogen fuel cells. 

When you register for this expo, you’ll be able to hear from the event’s 110+ speakers and gain access to all four sessions taking place at the Hydrogen Technology Expo as well as the adjacent Carbon Capture Technology Expo.

Register for the Event Today

Don’t miss out on this important industry event! Register for the Hydrogen Technology Expo and get your free expo pass. 

As the only North American distributor of Maximator® products, MAXPRO Technologies is excited to be attending the 2023 Hydrogen Technology Expo and sharing our expertise about the specialized systems necessary for hydrogen applications. We also look forward to connecting with and learning from other industry professionals so that we can further improve our product and service offerings for our customers. MAXPRO Technologies provides a variety of gas boosters, valves,  fittings, and tubing to ensure that hydrogen systems operate safely and efficiently. We hope to see you at the expo!

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