Air Amplifier Price: What Should I Be Paying?

Air amplifiers are important for the success of various industries and applications. When centralized air pressure systems need extra capacity, air amplifiers help fill localized demand. Installing an air amplifier to boost pressure at the point of use will allow for decreasing shop-wide air pressure.  A quality air amplifier system can save thousands of dollars annually in compressed air costs.

MAXPRO® Air Amplifier Package Systems are designed to withstand extreme conditions.   Available in standard and custom models, our air amplifier systems are user-friendly, with controls for adjusting  pressure and flow.  A MAXPRO® Air Amplifier system will arrive complete and ready to use with valves, gauges, and storage tanks tailored to suit your application.

Learn how the right air amplifier can save your business money in the short and long run.

Air Amplifier Pricing: How Can My Business Save Money?

Producing compressed air can be expensive and requires a lot of energy. Reducing the workload on the compressor is a smart way to save on energy costs and minimize daily wear and tear on the equipment. Eventually, this translates to lower maintenance costs, enhanced efficiency, and extended lifespan.

For example, if you have a piece of equipment in your plant that needs 120-130 psi while other equipment requires only 80 psi, you may be forced to maintain pressure at 120-130 psi throughout the entire plant just to run that one workstation. In addition to consuming more energy and paying more for it, you may also have greater losses due to leaks, which are magnified at high line pressures.

Reducing air pressure by 2 psi decreases the compressor horsepower by approximately 1%. If you reduce system pressure by 20 psi, you can decrease horsepower from the compressor by about 10%.

Similarly, lowering shop-wide pressure by 40 psi reduces the load on the compressor by 20%, translating into an annual savings of thousands of dollars in compressed air costs. Given these annual cost savings, you can recoup the initial capital expenditure of acquiring a MAXPRO® Air Amplifier Package in a matter of months. Here are the benefits you stand to gain with a MAXPRO® Air Amplifier Package:

  • Reduced energy costs: Lower shop pressure and higher specific machine pressure contribute to overall energy savings.
  • Enhanced production efficiency and product quality: Optimal pressure levels result in improved manufacturing processes and higher product standards.
  • Easy installation: The MAXPRO® Air Amplifier requires only shop air for operation, simplifying setup.
  • Automated operation: It automatically stalls at pressure and restarts upon air use, streamlining workflow.
  • Predictable maintenance: Simple maintenance procedures ensure consistent performance.
  • Cost-effective: Our air amplifiers require a lower investment compared to traditional electrical-driven compressors.
  • Enhanced portability: MAXPRO® Air Amplifiers feature a streamlined design with fewer components, enabling easy relocation.
  • Flexible installation: It is mountable on ceilings, walls, under benches, or within machines for versatility.
  • Noise control: The air amplifier operates at reasonable noise levels (around 80 dba) and remains silent in stall condition.

Turnkey Air Amplifier Solutions from MAXPRO®

MAXPRO® air amplifier systems are ideal for turnkey workstations requiring a reliable, regulated supply of elevated shop air pressure for various cylinders, pneumatic clamps, tools, and other air-driven tasks. We specialize in crafting turnkey amplifier systems tailored to specific applications. Tap into our extensive expertise in high-pressure solutions to benefit your operations.

Reduce Your Operational Costs with a Quality Air Amplifier System from MAXPRO® Technologies

A quality air amplifier system is crucial for the cost-effective, energy-efficient operation of various industrial processes. Since 1995, MAXPRO® Technologies has been the exclusive distributor of Maximator® air amplifiers, gas boosters, and air-driven liquid pumps in North America. As a trusted provider of high-pressure technology, MAXPRO® strives to provide top-notch air amplifiers in various standard configurations and custom designs tailored to your specific volume and pressure requirements.

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