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  1. High-Pressure Valves, Fittings, & Tubing

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    MAXPRO® offers quality Maximator® valves, fittings and tubing, delivering lasting performance under even the most extreme operating conditions. Our engineers leverage more than 325 years of combined experience to match customers with competitively priced components that meet their application’s exact requirements. MAXPRO’s offerings include high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing with pressure ratings ranging from medium to ultra-high. Maximator® equipment can accommodate applications up to and above 100,000 PSI.

    High Pressure ValvesHigh-Pressure Valves

    MAXPRO’s line of Maximator® valves includes medium-, high-, and ultra-high-pressure valves with standard coned and threaded connections that facilitate tight and reliable seals. Maximator’s facilities are ISO 9001:2015- and TUV-certified, and extensive quality assurance processes ensure reliable valves and fittings.

    Maximator high-pressure valves offer several key features:

    • Wide temperature range. All Maximator valves can operate at temperatures reaching 450°F, while our extreme temperature products suit applications ranging from -423°F to 1200° F.
    • Non-rotating stem design. Maximator valves feature a non-rotating stem design to eliminate stem-to-seat galling and provide smooth operation. Options include a simple on/off Vee stem or a regulating stem for more precise flow control.
    • Metal-to-metal seat. Designed for maximum seal strength, Maximator valves use a metal-to-metal seat for an airtight shut-off. This feature also improves the longevity of both the stem and the seat.
    • Variety of pattern options. We strive to offer a valve for every high-pressure application, with six valve body patterns available, including an optional replaceable seat for the two-way angle body pattern.
    • Versatile pressure ratings. Our medium-pressure valves withstand up to 22,500 PSI, while our ultra-high pressure valves can endure 101,000 PSI, so there is an option for every industrial need.

    These features have made MAXPRO’s Maximator valves a trusted option since 2006.


    High-pressure operations occur in many industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing. Some common applications include:

    • Waterjet. High-pressure needle valves control the extreme water pressure that waterjet cutting equipment needs to slice through metal, granite, and other hard materials.
    • Oil and gas. Facilities that extract, refine, or transport oil and gas all rely on specialty valves to control operations.
    • Food processing. Many food processing applications involve transporting various slurries, liquids, or powders. A range of high-pressure control valves aid in food processing and sanitizing operations.
    • Chemical processing. Chemical plants and power generation facilities rely on high-pressure ball valves, needle valves, and check valves to safely move volatile materials.

    The experts at MAXPRO can help your team identify the right valve for your application.

    High Pressure FittingsHigh-Pressure Fittings

    High-pressure valves and tubing must be used with fittings with the same pressure rating. Maximator high-pressure fittings have been engineered to provide reliable performance and maintain system integrity in hazardous working environments. The complete line of fittings includes:

    • Adapters. Available in male/male or male/female configurations, our adapters allow users to connect components of different sizes.
    • Anti-vibration collet/gland assemblies. Provides extended support and rotational grip for the tubing that is entering the connection fittings with the use of a secondary compressor-type fitting. In doing so, they shield the coned and threaded connection from excessive tube loading and vibration.
    • Couplings. Couplings can connect components of either similar or dissimilar sizes.
    • Elbows. Elbows add two common connections to a tubing line, also forming a right angle.
    • Tees. These T-shaped fittings add three common connections to a tubing line.
    • Crosses. Named for their cross shape, these parts fit four common connections to a tubing line.
    • Nipples. Nipples connect two common male connections to tubing.
    • Safety head assemblies. Safety head assemblies are used for overpressure protection

    These fittings offer reliable connections in high-pressure industrial settings.


    Any fluid process that calls for high-pressure tubing or valves also requires suitable fittings. Some equipment that may require high pressure fittings include:

    • Oil and gas control panels and skids
    • Chemical injection skids
    • Hydraulic power units
    • Waterjet cleaning and cutting units

    High Pressure TubingsHigh-Pressure Tubing

    MAXPRO’s high-pressure tubing is produced from thick walled, high tensile strength stainless steel. Our quality, cold-drawn tubing is available in medium-, high-, and ultra-high-pressure ratings. Autofrettaged tubing with enhanced fatigue life is also available for high-pressure production applications.


    High-pressure tubing is used in the same industries that rely on high-pressure valves or fittings:

    • Oil and gas. The oil and gas industry utilizes high-pressure tubing in down-hole control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic piping, chemical injection modules, vacuum systems, and others.
    • Waterjet cutting. MAXPRO stocks high pressure tubing for use with waterjet cutting machines.
    • Food processing. MAXPRO’s ultra-high-pressure rated tubing easily manages the 87,000 PSI required by various food processing applications.

    Whatever the industry, any high-pressure fluid application can benefit from MAXPRO’s trusted high-pressure tubing. Our sales team will help you find the right combination of tubes, valves, and fittings to enhance your application’s safety and efficiency.

    High-Performance Products for High-Pressure Applications

    MAXPRO’s comprehensive range of tubing, valves, and fittings includes components for virtually any high-pressure application. As experts in high-pressure valves, fittings and tubing, we help customers choose the best items for their application. Whether you need a standard or custom set of high-pressure components, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more how our high-pressure engineering expertise can benefit your application.

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