Data Logger

Data Logger
I have been in the oil and gas testing industry for over 24 years and found that one of the essential elements of testing is collecting data to create a snapshot of what occurred during the testing process. Testing is crucial when proving new designs and determining if component can withstand the elements before being put into service. These elements could include axial loading in tension/compression, applied bending, torsion, internal/external pressure, and elevated/sub-zero temperatures in tubular type products. Testing can introduce all these elements independently or in a combination of two or more simultaneously. The applications of simulated environments are pretty much endless. Proper equipment is vital to retrieve the best results to create a snapshot of everything that occurred during testing.

There are a few ways to collect this data. One of the ways is with a Circular Chart Recorder. These chart recorders have been in the industry for many years and are still used today.  The information provided by these recorders is as simple as possible. On the other end of the spectrum, complex data acquisition systems are used across industries, including aerospace, to collect data from space flight. These data acquisition systems can be custom built and utilized to collect the desired information.

Back in 2010, we introduced the MAXPRO Technologies Data Logger.  The goal was to create an updated device to replace circular chart recorders in pressure testing facilities. The data logger allows the user to store test data in a computer-friendly way instead of on paper charts. We went from a monochrome display to a color version in later versions. It is at this point that MAXPRO added the Instant Report feature. MAXPRO updated the most recent screen architecture for current-day users. This logger is a data collection system somewhere between the systems mentioned above. It is far more advanced than the circular chart recorder, yet far less complex than a full-blown data acquisition system. MAXPRO has built the logger neatly packed into a waterproof case for our customer’s peace of mind. It does have some technology onboard yet is extremely user-friendly. This logger does much more than record pressure. We offer various options for data types to be collected, such as pressure, temperature, flow, and others. The option of up to 10 channels is available, with various variables to capture. Pressure, temperature, and flow are just a few of the options available in setting up this system to fit your needs. A pressure transducer is included for your range of choice up to 65,000 psi for pressure recording. We set these channels for the pressure range you select, creating a separate channel for each. Pressure ranges are <10,000 psi, 20,000 psi, 30,000 psi, 40,000 psi, 60,000 psi, and 65,000 psi. Temperature channels are also available with this pressure logger.

In post-processing the test data, several options are available to the customer. The MAXPRO logger data is stored in an Excel format that the data can download via flash drive or network connection to create custom plots.  Also available is the option of printing a time history plot instantly. Two different fields are customizable with five other lines, each for information to be printed on the header of the dataset. You may have your company logo added to the software which in turn will be on each plot at no additional cost.

These loggers have numerous features that can be included as adders to accommodate your needs for data collection. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.